Now, Cardiff, this is us!

On a beautiful day in Cardiff like today, there is only one thing that I want to do. Go out, walk around in the sunshine and get a great coffee somewhere. You might not yet know this – but you’ll learn it soon enough – I love coffee!! And I love good coffee even more!

And there are many places that serve good coffee here in CF. Some might be hidden away in the one of the many Arcades or are located Cardiff’s suburbs, but there’s certainly no need to go to one of the global coffee chains.

Cardiff Coffee is exactly about that: great coffee, cafés, cool places to go and visit, and enjoy the city.

We want to promote the excellent coffee scene in the Welsh capital by reviewing, blogging, tweeting, using  facebook, flickr, pinterest and other social media platforms (we shall see) and hopefully spread the word around that Cardiff truly is an amazing place to be! Primarily, but not only, for coffee lovers.

We are a group of International PR students at Cardiff University and this is our Cardiff Coffee social media project. Enjoy.

Please get involved and tell us about your favourite place for coffee in Cardiff!! Twitterfeed, Facebook etc. soon to come!


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