Let’s get it started!!

Attention coffee lovers! It is quite possible that none of us wouldn’t be here if not for two common threads that bind: A love for the bean and a connection to Cardiff. With that said, welcome to Cardiff Coffee  City!

This space, we hope, will become yours to read, review and share your ideas on the coffee culture of this great city!

What are your thoughts? Perhaps you could share your opinions to help drive this community-led and not-for-profit project? Let’s certainly hope so.

Together let’s make this blog the greatest free reference site for Cardiff’s coffee scene in history.

By connecting you all as a community of people who share a passion, the plan is to highlight every good cafe, barista and roaster this city has to offer.

Let’s shed some light on all the lovely things that go with a great cup. With your help, heated debates like the greatest croissant or chocolate cake this city has to offer might be settled once and for all! Well… probably not, but let’s give it a whack all the same.

What about the best blend to use at home for an expert brew? (We are going bonkers over Mavis Bank Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee ATM) Perhaps one of your hangouts has the best sofas ever? Let’s discuss it all!

All in all the aim is to create a respectful, cool and informative space where we can all share our passion for coffee. If you are interested you may also follow us on Facebook and Twitter and share your thoughts there.

Look out for short video reviews of some of Cardiff’s veteran establishments in the coming days and we’ll also be sure to post some guidelines for all of you to review as much as possible of what’s on offer out there!

We look forward to getting to know you all!


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