Two out of Fifty

Well, I have to say it is a bit disappointing. Or rather quite disappointing!

Only two (yes, you’ve read correctly TWO) of Cardiff’s coffee shops are featured in the Independent’s 50 Best Coffee Shops list. This list was created by The Independent’s Holly Williams in 2010 and focuses on finding the best cafés in the UK.

Not surprisingly, most of the cafés on the list are located in London (well, the coffee culture there is excellent, that’s fore sure). Still, I feel that Cardiff’s coffee scene is rather underrepresented with only two coffee shops on the list.

The two cafés The Plan Café in Morgan Arcade in the city centre and A Shot in the Dark on City Road.

The Plan is described as “a warm and friendly independent café” and A Shot in the Dark as “a chilled-out alternative to hectic chains” and “a popular place with Cardiff locals in the know.”

A Shot in the Dark even managed to get a review by the Urban75 blog, which visits coffee shops around the world. That’s impressive, we should say…

And we have to admit that these places are two of our favourite coffee shops in the Welsh capital… We might be wrong (correct us if you think so) but they are indeed among the most popular cafés in town…

In our opinion, they definitely deserve to be on this list, but there must be other places in Cardiff that also should be featured. What do you think?

We at Cardiff Coffee want to spread the word about the excellent coffee culture in Cardiff. Why? Because we love Cardiff and we love coffee… And we we need your help! So please share your experience (we’d love to hear from you!!) and support us on Facebook and Twitter and tell all your friends 🙂


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