The Blue, the Green and the Golden Brown

Imagine steep rugged mountain slopes thousands of feet high, spring water trickling down those slopes, thick white mist, blue skies, brilliant sunshine and rich fertile soil. Ahh! So picturesque and sounds so peaceful, not true? This is the cradle of your next cup of rich Blue Mountain Coffee.

The Blue Mountains forest reserve of eastern Jamaica, located in the to-die-for Caribbean, is the home of the world’s most distinguished and delicious coffee.

I am sure you did not know that the coffee beans grown in the Blue Mountains are of the Arabica variety, and are a distinct blue-green colour. You could say they reflect the natural beauty of the lush green vegetation and blue mist of the region, perfect conditions for the start of your love affair with a never-to-be-forgotten coffee experience.

Coffee has been grown in Jamaica since the 18th century. The beans are produced and rigidly inspected by the Jamaica Coffee Industry Board before they are packed for export to find their way to a coffee shop near you.

Jamaican coffee farmers hold a proud place among the 20 million people involved or employed in the coffee industry around the world.

So the next time you have a desire for a cup of the best gourmet coffee in the world, make it one from the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, as you raise a toast to the blue, the green and the golden brown!

Coffee lovers: take a look at this lovely short documentary that narrates the story of  “One Cup of Coffee” by Marley Coffee. Learn something all about coffee, sustainable farming on the Marley Coffee Farm, and discover some fascinating life stories!


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