Got no plan? Go to The Plan Café!

Hidden away in Morgan Arcarde, The Plan Café is a small, yet well-known and busy place and a popular choice for many coffee lovers. It is one of two Cardiffian coffee shops featured on The Independent’s list of the 50 best coffee shops in the UK, and certainly deserves to be on there!

High-quality coffee is a signature feature of The Plan Café. They only use special roasters from selected roasters in the UK for their espresso-based drinks (at the moment it’s an Ethiopian/Guatemalan blend called ‘Naturelle’, which is used as basis for your flat whites, cappuccinos, lattes or mochas).

I’ve been to this great place a couple of times and have to say: Their coffee certainly is amazing! By the way, you can get a  filter coffee from as little as £1.50 (a small Caffe Latte is just £1.90 to take away and £2.10 to stay), so it works well even if you are on a student budget.

They also offer a great variety of fresh food. For example, the brownies and the banana and pecan loaf are homemade and the soup is prepared every morning (and it is yummy!!). It’s perfect for grabbing some food after a long shopping trip in Cardiff’s city centre.

Meeting their own high standards regarding coffee, food and service appears to be very important too. Staff are continually trained to get your coffee right, and according to Trevor Hyam, head barista at The Plan Café “it takes a while, weeks or even months, to learn” how to make the perfect latte! Watch out the next time visit and maybe you’ll spot a tulip or heart shape in your cup (or you’ll have to wait for the soon-to-come blog post on latte art!).

We certainly highly recommended this place to go for coffee in Cardiff, so make sure you don’t miss out!

Maybe you’ve been there already or are going soon?! Please tell us what you think…by leaving a comment, visiting our Facebook page or tweeting us @cardiffcoffee #CFCoffee. There are plenty of possibilities to share your coffee experience!

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4 thoughts on “Got no plan? Go to The Plan Café!

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  2. This was an interesting article, I’ve passed this place before but have never been in., might try it soon! Is the food expensive though, homemade brownies usually come at a price…

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