Let’s celebrate coffee!

Guess what? The UK Coffee Week is now on!

Until next Sunday (29 April) coffee lovers around the country have the chance to celebrate Britain’s coffee culture! Hurray!

Correct me if I’m wrong but Cardiff does not have any special festivities planned for the occasion (what a shame, really)… So all eyes turn to London where the London Coffee Festival will take this weekend.

Just in case you were wondering what it’s about… no, it’s not ALL about coffee. The festival also aims to raise funds for Project Waterfall to provide clean water in Africa. So when you buy a coffee you actually give some money to charity… That’s two birds with one stone!

We at Cardiff Coffee are quite excited about the festival (even if it is in London, not Cardiff) because (you probalby have figure  this out by now) we simply love coffee!! We are seriously considering heading down to London to experience the capital’s excellent coffee culture. Will you be there, too, by any chance? Please let us now!!

There seems to be a lot going on, too: Arts, music, food, chocolate, roastery experience and a lot more. Take a peek! Looks amazing, doesn’t it?

Have a fantastic COFFEE WEEK!!!


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