Tea or Coffee? Your Choice at Waterloo Gardens Teahouse

On a very gloomy looking Monday morning, I made my way to Waterloo Gardens Teahouse. It stands out in this quiet residential area and invites locals and first-time visitors like me with its welcoming and relaxing atmosphere.

A very warm greeting by one of the baristas certainly made my day (I felt at home instantly) and it only got better when I took my first sip of a delicious cup of coffee. They use special roasters, but what makes them so special?

“We are rare as we use three different roasters, alternating weekly between them: Square Mile, Has Bean and James Gourmet Coffee”, says Waterloo Gardens Tearoom director Kasim.

As the name already indicates this place is very much about tea! Their choice is great and you’ll find a wide range of black, green, white, and Oolong teas as well as rooibos and fruit and herbal infusions. For all the coffee and tea lovers among you (and I’m sure there are a lot), this is paradise!

Prices are reasonable, too. You get an Americano from £1.60, lattes and cappuccinos from £1.90, and the tea starts at £2.50.

Kasim is a pharmacist by training and when the local butcher’s store closed down three and a half years ago he grabbed the chance to open up Waterloo Gardens Teahouse. “We thought it’d be amazing if a place like this would be here.” He wanted to introduce the great variety of tea to Cardiff and also have fantastic coffee. Well, mission accomplished, I should say.

What also strikes me is the arts display on the walls. It changes monthly and usually features local artists. “It brings people in and it’s nice because it is something new every month”, Kasim says. In April, it is recycled fashion by local designer label Zolibeau. What a great idea to display local art and bring the community together!

Many exciting things happen here, too: poetry events, politics evenings, including talks by famous sportsmen, and last year somebody proposed (and I always thought that was only done in films)… Waterloo Gardens Teahouse seems the place to be!

We at Cardiff Coffee love it! So if you are searching for great coffee and tea and amazing cakes, head to 5 Waterloo Gdns in Cardiff! You won’t be disappointed!

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Also don’t forget to check out what our friends at Cardiff Confidential have to say about this place… Take a look at their lovely video review and enjoy!


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