Nescafé dishes out free coffee on Queen Street

The Nescafé team was out and about on Cardiff’s Queen Street last week to dish out free samples of its new ‘barista-style’ premium instant coffee.

Now before you slam your laptop shut and storm off in a huff, do hear us out! We know instant coffee is a sham but this stuff isn’t that bad!

The company’s new micro-granulated coffee is said to be designed specifically to appeal to the tastes of coffee lovers in specific countries.

The product has been branded ‘Nescafe Azera’ in the UK to appeal to what Nestle calls a British preference for “a well-balanced coffee taste.”

A tweaked version of the coffee was launched in Brazil this month under the name ‘Nescafé Duo Grão’ to satisfy the Brazilians’ preference for “a smooth but aromatic taste.” In Japan, it was branded ‘Nescafé Koumibaisen’ since they apparently like it “stronger and rich in aroma” there.

The Azera is a mix of lightly and deeply roasted Arabica and Robusta beans and actually tastes like … coffee … unlike other instant coffees!

We’re not saying you should throw out your French press and bin all your freshly ground beans but it really does have a decent taste. Not disgusting at all!

There is a decent aroma and a pleasantly flavoured roasted taste to the coffee that makes it more homebrewed than not.

We tried a cup at home after sampling it on Queen Street and it still wasn’t bad.

Don’t believe the barista hype; it isn’t going to claim any jobs on the high street. But if you are in a rush and can’t get your press out this just might fit the bill. It’s certainly better than some other instant garbage we’ve tasted, some made by Nescafé itself.

Why don’t you give it a try next time you are in a rush and tell us what you think. Have we completely lost the plot?


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