Listen up Cardiff: It’s Café Zürich

This is a warning shot!*

The following lines are NOT about coffee! Instead you’ll discover something else. It’s Café Zürich!

Well, you might say that it very much sounds like a coffee shop. It does, true, but it’s not! It’s in fact a Cardiff band.

All the savvy Cardiffian music lovers out there will now them because they are very much part of the local music scene. (I’m really bad at putting them in a category, so you should listen to their songs to convince yourself what type of music they play). In case you don’t know them yet, check this out:

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

So why is a band from Cardiff named after a coffee shop in the first place?

Tom, one of the band members, tells me their secret: “It’s actually a café in Barcelona and also the name of a cocktail. We’ve used cocktails as names for songs before, and at our first band practice we made cocktails. We liked this one and decided it’d make a great band name. It’s also a rather nice concept: Zürich as the centre of the world and the world is controlled from this little place called Café Zürich.”

Now, you probably wonder what this cocktail tastes like, so why not fix yourself one tonight? All you need is Anisette, Cognac, Amaretto, hot coffee (ha, I knew there was a link to our topic), honey and whipped cream

Back to Café Zürich, the band. They are originally from North Wales Tom is currently studying medicine at Cardiff University and trying to coordinate academia with the exciting band life, recording and gigs all over the UK. The other band members all have different careers. Gareth has just graduated, Tom and James are music producers and Harry is a psychiatric nurse.

They just spent some time in Brighton to record some new songs, but they don’t rush to release an album. “We want it to be WOW”, says Tom. The plan for the future is to become high profile, do gigs abroad and enjoy playing and being a band! Good luck, guys! I’m sure you’ll be big very soon!!

Tom says they find the Cardiff music scene really friendly and the venues are good to play: “We played a lot of gigs during winter and we’ve developed a fan base in Cardiff.” They even get recognized, so I bet it’s not long until they take off and become the new Friendly Fires or Metronomy (some of Tom’s favourite bands).

Their next gig is on 23 May 2012 at Full Moon Club in Cardiff, together with Niki & the Dove  and Fjords. You can get tickets for just £5 in advance. So Cardiffians, don’t miss out when they play live in Cardiff!!

*I decided to go crazy and include some of our favourite music here, as this one is all about music… This one is Electric Bloom by Foals.


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