London Coffee Festival

One week ago, Cardiff Coffee together with Cardiff Confidential decided to have a nice day out in London. Our bus ride took three hours (Megabus simply was the cheapest option) but unfortunately we weren’t as lucky to have wifi on our coach. However, Angry Birds proved to be more addictive than anticipated and time passed pretty quickly.

We then made our way to lovely Brick Lane (I hadn’t been before and was impressed with the great variety of shops and food you find there) because that’s where the London Coffee Festival took place last weekend… And as a festival about coffee is tempting as it is, we decided to pay it a visit.

But it wasn’t all about coffee, believe me! There also was great music, tea, chocolate, delicious food, entertainment and many cool coffee gadgets….

The Hyde Park area was devoted to music and people could hang out with drinks and food and enjoy the different artists playing their songs. There was a Tea Garden where you’d find all varieties of tea and we even spoke to a master tea blender! Apparently it takes three years of training in India to be able to blend teas together! Pretty impressive! And we also tasted the most delicious white hot chocolate in the Chocolate Factory. So yummy…

There was a Food and Artisan Market and we discovered Fritz Kola (well, I already knew it from Germany where it is sold in many cool hipster clubs and cafes, but I was really excited to find it in the UK)! It’s a beverage with looooooots of caffeine (83.3mg of caffeine/bottle compared to normal 34mg/can of Coca Cola)… If that doesn’t wake you up, nothing else will! Unfortunately you can only get it at one shop in London but we hope word-of-mouth will bring it to the rest of the UK quickly… As you can probably tell, we are big fans!!

In case you are wondering, yes, we did have lots of amazing coffee!! We also tried a wild creation of chilli and lime coffee and it was delicious! So chilli doesn’t only go with chocolate (if you haven’t yet tried it please do), it makes coffee taste good, too!

The festival was the pinnacle of UK Coffee Week 2012 and supports the charity Project Waterfall which raises funds for clean water projects in Africa. We think that is a very good idea!!
And if you ever wondered what a coffee plant looks like we discovered one 🙂

All in all it was a fantastic day out and we also escaped the dreadful Cardiff weather for one day (yes, it was sunny and warm in London)… We’ll definitely go again next year because it was so much fun!

Did you visit the festival, too? And did you like it? Let us know…

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