Step back in time at Pettigrew Tea Rooms

Grand setting: The Pettigrew Tea Rooms

On the day that Her Royal Majesty visited Cardiff, we set out to try the newly opened Pettigrew Tea Rooms. This place is located at the entrance of Bute Park next to the beautiful Cardiff Castle, just a stone’s throw away from the city centre. You can’t miss it!

You will feel like you’ve stepped back in time as you enter this place for the first time. It’s sweet and old-fashioned ambience makes you feel like you’re at your grandmother’s place and this is what a real British tearoom should look like. It’s the little things that make it special, like old-fashioned china and antique furniture. Classic FM only adds to the cosy, step-back-in-time atmosphere. We’re pretty sure the Queen would love it here… too bad she didn’t have time for a quick stop.

The fabulous Cream Tea with a legendary brownie

Pettigrew serve the best brownies in town,  and we have arbitrarily decided that a café’s quality is quite accurately decided based on how good the  brownies are… let’s just say that these are divine! So are the scones! And the crumpets…  They come with a selection of Welsh jam and are super tasty. By the way, all the cakes are homemade on site (and so is the soup) .

Tea of the Week anyone?

As it is a tea room, they serve a great variety of teas and there is a tea of the week offer (when we went it was Lemon and Ginger). The breakfast tea is still the most popular with customers, however, and sells more than all other teas combined. Why not try some of the great blends on offer? Time to try something new, we say!

The coffee blend is from James Gourmet Coffee (a favourite choice by many Welsh independent coffee shops) and we love it! You get an Americano for £2.35 and as the tearoom opens at 7.30am every day, you can grab one on your way to work.

David (aka @want2bakefree)

The friendly owner David followed his dream to open up a tearoom in Cardiff. Why a tearoom? “It makes people smile and that’s the most important thing,” he says. “People can come in, relax and enjoy themselves.”

David decided to document all steps he took to open his business – from idea to final touches and opening day – in his blog called I want to bake free. Have a look! It started off as a diary to remember everything in a couple of years but it also got the word out… It’s a great example of how social media works to get the attention and draw in new customers.

Don’t forget to have a look at what our friends at Cardiff Confidential have to say about this place…

We highly recommend it and we are sure it is soon to become the number one spot to go for a nice afternoon tea. Why don’t you try this lovely place after your next walk through Bute Park?

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