The Life Lounge

One of Cardiff’s hidden havens, tucked away at the corner of Sachville Avenue off Whitchurch Road, this ‘café lounge’ has some surprises…

The Life Lounge’s misleading sign

Walking past it, it is so easy to miss, especially since its signpost states nothing about coffee, food or anything you’d expect from an eatery. It has ‘All Nations Church’ written on the outside, which can be off-putting for some and plainly obscures the fact that it is in fact a café.

Overcoming that hurdle is easy, push through the glass door and you meet the ‘all-familiar’ environment. The warm green and brown interior colours are welcoming with a gentle fragrance of coffee. After you place your order, you take a seat and wait to be served and this was done in about five minutes. Spoilt for choice with their tea varieties, you need to try their chocolate tea or if you’d like something sweeter, the hot chocolate will warm you right up.

The coffee, on the other hand, is not too strong which is a winner for some but is brewed just right – the beans are great quality and helpfully, the steamer is kept nice and clean.

Top marks for the tuna sandwich!

If you are up for a sandwich or soup, they have about three or four choices and the sandwiches are served up with salad and crisps. The atmosphere is incredibly relaxing with subtle gentle music in the background. Although there are only three comfy leather chairs, once those are taken – you’d have to settle for the wooden chairs which won’t do for long or their long cushions on the side, which aren’t bad.

The size is also telling of the number of people they’d expect to stay in (maximum 15) which is convenient if you are looking just for that small cosy space to lounge. A useful add-on is that students get 20% off their bill… A tuna mayo baguette and soup for £3.80 – not bad!!

By the way, hot drinks are only £1 between 8am and 10am, so grab one on your way to work!!

The Life Lounge is open Monday to Friday from 8am to 3pm and is located at 240 Whitchurch Road, Cardiff.

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