Bodum Travel Press: Unbelievably posh coffee on the go!

There are certain things that exude sophistication, class and an air of superiority.

Bentleys, tree-lined country estates, high tea at The Ritz and… the Bodum Travel Press.

You could get to your destination on a donkey cart, or live in a cave and drink instant coffee from a rusty can… but certain people want the best of the best.

The love of freshly brewed coffee has been merged seemlessly with the need to be mobile in Bodum’s creation. We absolutely love this!

Prices start at £13.90… some über-luxuries are quite reasonably priced 🙂

We love our new travel press

PS: We got ours at TKmaxx, so it might be worth checking out their home section at your local outlet 🙂


2 thoughts on “Bodum Travel Press: Unbelievably posh coffee on the go!

  1. A friend of mine bought this travel press a few weeks ago and she loves it. I think it’s a great gadget to have if you drink your coffee black. But what about us “beginners” who cannot spare at least a shot of milk? I guess you’d always have to have a carton of milk at hand?
    Anyway, I think it’s a great idea, and given that Bodum is usually a pretty expensive brand, this press seems to be reasonably priced.

  2. Hi Anna-Lena, we guess if you prepare the coffee at home you could put some milk in before you head out… Or if you could take a shot of milk with you somehow?! Not sure if that is very handy, however…
    If you use the press in an office without any access to good coffee, there might be a fridge where you could store half a pint of milk for the whole week?!
    Not sure what other recommendations to give yo if you don’t particularly like Americanos… We love coffee without milk or sugar, so the press is perfect!

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