Art at Brava Café

Brava has established itself as a well-known coffee shop in Pontcanna since it opened its doors 11 years ago.

This place is small, yet spacious, bright and has a relaxed atmosphere that makes you feel welcome from the very first moment you enter. Many families and regulars come here to enjoy great coffee and food. You’ll get an extensive day and evening menu with a selection of sandwiches and more, and there’s mouthwatering cake, too.

So, what’s most important to them? “You have to get the coffee right”, says Andrew, the owner.

Brava uses independent roasters from Wales, e.g. James Gourmet Coffee, and “puts love and care” in every cup. It sure tastes like it. Very delicious! Prices are reasonable and range between £1.80 for an espresso and £2.65 for a large cappuccino.

The café’s walls feature local artists, usually someone known to the staff like friends or family members. Everybody is more involved if it is art by someone they know. The exhibits change every eight weeks, and Andrew says it is important that it changes: “Art mixes the place up.”

Andrew also admits: “We’re not cutting edge or fashion. We focus on what we do well.” And they certainly get it right. It is a very cosy place and we’ll certainly be back very soon…

A rather recent addition is the “Bring your own wine” scheme when dining at Brava, which is a great idea!

We highly recommend this place!  Don’t hesitate and head down to 71 Pontcanna Street today and enjoy some amazing coffee…

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