Art on a Cup

Have you also had enough of plain brown or white take-away cups? We have and think it’s time for a change and some colour!

We want every café in Cardiff to use coffee cup art like the designs by Boey to make our lives a little bit more colourful 🙂 They are fun, playful and totally unique!

Have you ever had a coffee in such a cup? We’d like to know where…

Now take a look at Boey’s lifestory and discover how he came to making coffee cup art! It’s truly fascinating…

We wished we could draw like this… so it’s time to get creative!!

Allyou need is a plain white coffee cup (you can buy them online, for example at Coffee Creations from £3.40), textmarkers in different colours and some inspiration!! We’d love to see your own designs on a coffee cup!

Please upload your pictures on our facebook community or tweet us @CardiffCoffee!!


3 thoughts on “Art on a Cup

  1. I LOVE it! He is quite the artist. If I could draw like that, I would definitely get to work – although it’d be a shame to have to throw them out after just one use…

  2. The cups look amazing, I think it is a great idea! I wonder what kind of pens I would have to use that there is no smearing.

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