Coffee #1: The Right Ambiance!

It’s a sunny, beautiful afternoon and we want to be out and about: just because…

What’s your pleasure!

We have made our way along Albany Road, just off City Road, an area known for a hive of activity any time of day (or night). As usual, there’s a lot of traffic both vehicular and people. People are busy going in and out of stores and supermarkets, but they are not too busy for a welcome stop in at Coffee #1 Cardiff Roath cafe, as we found out.  When we got inside, it was a full house!

It’s one of 18 cafes making the Welsh-owned chain of coffee houses popular, since the first one opened five years ago. In fact, even bigger things are in store: “We plan to expand to at least 50 cafes not only in Wales,” Tatiana Tkacova, the manager told us. You might have noticed, Coffee #1 are popping up everywhere in and around Cardiff, so it seems they offer a café experience exactly  customers are looking for…

So what makes this place special and draws coffee lovers here?

Hmmm, inviting, relaxing: sit back and enjoy!

“It’s the best place to drink coffee in this area. We just feel at home,” was the confession of two sisters who said they had been drinkingcoffee forever! And that drinking it at home does not give them the same feeling as being in that cafe.

“I love it. I guess I am addicted to it”, another lady admits, as she enjoyed her cappuccino with cinnamon sprinkled on top! Yummmmm! For her that combination just hits the spot.

We have to say that this place certainly provides great customer service. No small wonder, for Marketing Assistant, Holly Marjoram says training is a priority for the chain of Welsh coffee houses. “We encourage baristas to develop their latte art skills. Customers are always very pleased to have something arty even a basic heart shape on their coffee! Our Coffee Trainer Liina even competed in the Latte Art Championships this year.”

The Welsh chain of coffee houses is proud to declare that they offer a range of specialty coffees alongside their standard menu. Their house blend coffee (which changes occasionally) is 100% Arabica and it’s ethically traded, from Ethiopia, Brazil and Costa Rica.

Yummy! Two large cappuccinos ‘Coffee #1-style!’

We spoke about cinnamon topped cappuccino earlier, but did you know that there’s greater variety of spiced hot drinks?  There’s Vanilla Bean (Vanilla Latte), Mint Mocha Chip (Mocha with mint syrup), Gingerbread Man (Gingerbread latte), Bounty (Coconut hot chocolate), and for special occasions, you’ll find Spiced Pumpkin latte for Halloween, Eggnog latte for Christmas, and Great Egg-scape (Hot choc with mini eggs) for Easter. We just can’t wait for these seasons to roll round again!

Thanks for having us to visit Coffee #1 Cardiff Roath!


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